Houston, TX | October 22 - 23, 2019

Digital Transformation in the Oil & Gas industry is no longer a goal for most companies, it is a fact of life.  Technologies such as cloud computing, edge computing, analytics,  IoT/IIoT, mobility, etc. are allowing both Oil & Gas companies and automation vendors to add significant value, drive innovation and improve production in systems that was previously out of reach. 

During our 2019 O&G Digital Transformation Workshop we will present and discuss the technologies, challenges and innovative solutions that have helped our customers drive performance and productivity.

This workshop is split into 2 days around specific technologies/solutions so attendees can choose to one just one or both of the sessions depending on role and interests. 

Attend one or both days!

 Maggiano's Little Italy - Banquet Facilities 

602 Memorial City Mall

Houston, TX 77024  

Who should attend?

  • Control Systems Managers, Engineers, Specialists
  • SCADA, IoT and Data Management 
  • Measurement and Production personnel 
  • IoT System Managers and Specialists 
  • IT / Information Technologists
  • Operations Managers and Supervisors 
  • Production Operators, Supervisors
  • Project Directors / Managers
  • VPs or Directors of Engineering or Operations
  • System Integrators and EPC's 


Day 1 - Transformation to iot

IoT / IIoT Megatrends and Direction

We'll kick off day 1 with Mark Hepburn - ICONICS VP of Worldwide Sales and Solutions -  covering IoT/IIoT Industry Megatrends and direction. 

 We’ll take a near term and long term look into industry trends and what the future holds both commercially and technically for product solutions that will help you solve the challenges you and your teams face daily. 

During this session we will also gather insight and feedback to ensure we’re meeting  your internal and external needs.    

IoT Protocols and Communications

Every company out there is talking about the Internet of Thing and how it may change the O&G industry.   The more important question to answer is WHY we should be changing and how does IoT fit into an Oil & Gas system?


In this session we'll discuss various IoT/IIoT technologies  and review the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing IoT protocols such as MQTT, AMQP, OPC-UA,  and others.  We’ll also review a real world application including the challenges, successes, and cost savings enjoyed by both the integrator and customer.    

Connected or Intelligent?

 Oil & Gas operations have been connected to centralized OT and IT Systems for decades now.  Many times the data collected is utilized for long term planning and strategies that take many weeks, months or even years to implement in field operations.  

We'll discuss the commercial and technical aspects of moving intelligence to the edge utilizing  Fault Detection and Diagnostics, data collection, analytics and workflow technologies on the edge. 

Keeping IoT Secure in a Cloud Based World

Safeguarding IoT devices has become the subject of scrutiny after a number of high-profile incidents have occurred.   Comprehensive security is much more than just adding a firewall, segmenting a network or updating passwords.  Learn about the tools and solutions that will allow you to quickly and efficiently provide highly secure, industrial grade cyber security for all types of installations and architectures.    

Mobile and Remote Connectivity

We'll discuss the latest technologies and trends to help you provide simple management KPI dashboards for operational visibility for remote operations centers and technicians. Technical discussions around ICONICS mobility products including  KPIWorX, MobileHMI and WebHMI. 


 Breakfast and Lunch is included for all attendees and will include vegetarian options.

  • Breakfast starts at 8:00am 
  • Workshop Starts: 8:30am
  • Workshop Ends: Approx. 3:30pm

Seats are limited - register early to reserved your space.  

Day 2 - Open Secure Automation

What is Open Secure Automation?

Bedrock® OSA® is the automation platform that will take the oil & gas industry to the next generation of performance and efficiency. Both today and in the coming decades, automation must be open so that all can build on the cost efficiencies of open standard tools and connectivity, and it must be secure to ensure that openness does not bring vulnerability to cyberattack. These fundamentals must be designed into the automation hardware, software and its manufacturing supply chain, versus attempting intirinsic security by bolting on additional technologies to conventional systems designed before cyber security was an issue.

Defense in Depth

Cyber security is one of the biggest challenges oil & gas users face today. The question isn’t really if a cyberattack on your critical assets will occur – it’s when.

 Comprehensive security is much more than just adding a firewall, segmenting a network or locking a PLC, RTU, or flow computer enclosure. Learn about the technology and tools that will allow you to quickly and cost-efficiently provide highly-secure, military-grade cyber security for all types of installations and architectures. 

The Secure Digital Oilfield

Being a tempting target of cybercriminals is nothing new to energy companies. Relying on a complex network of sensors, controllers and software, energy companies face numerous security challenges that other industries don't. From wellhead to transport, refinery to storage, securing the individual assets, facilities, and processes is vital to maximize productivity and prevent costly accidents. Learn how Bedrock Automation customers are leveraging the OSA architecture to secure measurement, artificial lift, LACTs, and their other critical systems.

What About Power?

Power systems are critical to industrial control. Without reliable power, there is no system. Unfortunately, however, the power supply is among the most vulnerable parts of the ICS, measurement and other automation operation today. Not only can a power outage result in significant income lost to downtime, but unplanned or emergency shutdowns put equipment operators at risk. Power systems must be secured as much as any other ICS component. And like all other Bedrock systems, Bedrock power components draw on their suite of more than 30 built-in cyber security technologies. 

Introducing OSA +Flow

Secure OSA +Flow is the only cyber secure next generation flow computer built for the digital oil field of today and tomorrow. Built with Industry proven API & AGA Certified flow calculations from Flow-Cal, the OSA +Flow solution brings the full suite of OSA industry leading high performance and cyber security features to your flow computing applications


Breakfast and Lunch is included for all attendees and will include vegetarian options. 

  • Breakfast starts at 8:00am 
  • Workshop Starts: 8:30am
  • Workshop Ends: Approx. 3:30pm


Seats are limited - register early to reserved your space. 

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