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ICONICS HMI/SCADA, IoT and Business Solutions


GENESIS64™ is the most advanced HMI/SCADA solution, and the leader in next generation 64-bit automation visualization software solutions. Across all industries, GENESIS64 bridges data connectivity, aggregation and visualization to provide the most flexible and comprehensive software suite for your HMI/SCADA needs now and in the future.

Hyper Historian

Hyper Historian™ is a plant process historian designed to log data at greater than 100,000 tags per second and works with multiple data sources across the enterprise including OPC UA Servers, OPC DA Servers, OPC XML DA Servers, BACnet, SNMP devices and many more

Mobile and Web

ICONICS visualization products power some of the largest and most critical command and control centers in the world. With the ICONICS MobileHMI and KPIWorX Mobility solutions, the graphics, dashboards, trends, and reports you create to manage your operations can also be utilized from most web connected devices.  


AnalytiX® is a suite of products that transform large amounts of real-time data from manufacturing and facility operations into Actionable Intelligence. Use the AnalytiX products to drive improvement in productivity, efficiency, quality and sustainability.

Manufacturing Intelligence

 BizViz®  Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions is a family of products designed to provide accurate up-to speed real time information from virtually any enterprise system. BizViz solutions enable users to overcome business challenges, resulting in increased profitability and streamlined business efficiency 

Internet of Things

Being able to connect virtually any device from anywhere in the world is part of the next generation of solutions currently being referred to as The Internet of Things. As a leader in visualization, analytics and communications solutions for industrial and commercial applications, ICONICS IoTWorX is helping lead the way.

PLC/PAC/RTU Contoller Solutions

Bedrock Automation

Starting with a clean sheet of paper just a few years ago Bedrock Automation re-imagined how a modern industrial control system should be designed for an IIoT world : Simple  Scalable  Secure™.   

Servelec TBox

TBox telemetry systems are designed to leverage easy-to-use web technologies and inexpensive, public networks. They offer up to 50% less total installed cost per point versus traditional SCADA / PLC systems

Local Operator Interfaces

Beijer X2 Series

 The X2 series is the next generation of HMIs from Beijer Electronics. Six product families combine great design with strong performance to power your HMI solutions. Create smart integrated solutions boosted by iX software and WARP Engineering Studio, and optional integrated control with Codesys IEC-61131-3 software. 

Beijer QTERM Series

The QTERM Ruggedized touch Panels have been an industry favorite since the early 1990's.  Originally produced by QSI, the QTERM OIT's have stood the test of time in harsh environments across the US and the world.  

Beijer BoX2 Series IoT Controllers

BoX2 is a series of IoT gateways offering clever connectivity and the possibility to add optional smart functions and software such as local CODESYS control, C# Scripting and more. 

BoX2 is scheduled for release in Mid 2018

Sensor and I/O Solutions

OleumTech C1 D1 Wireless

OleumTech is a leading provider of wireless monitoring solutions for industrial applications. For over a decade, OleumTech has been committed to the needs of mission-critical wireless automation applications in the Oil & Gas, Refining, Petro-Chemical, Utilities, Water/Wastewater Industries and many others.  

OleumTech WIO Wireless I/O

The WIO® System by OleumTech® is one of the easiest and fastest methods for eliminating wiring and enabling reliable, secure wireless connectivity to process variables, equipment or other assets within hours rather than days or weeks. The WIO System does not require any software or programming, making it one the of the easiest wireless I/O solutions available. 

OleumTech GP Wireless System

The GP Wireless Sensor Network is the same great robust, industrially-hardened products you have come to know and expect from OleumTech® now in a general purpose offering for non-hazardous environments. The GP Sensor Network is designed to quickly solve a vast number of asset monitoring and equipment control challenges. Monitoring mission-critical elements and process variables such as water, pressure, and temperature levels along with many other I/O applications can easily be achieved using the GP Wireless Sensor Nodes. 

Servelec TBox RM2 Ethernet I/O

 The RM2 module is easily connected to a wide variety of end devices and sensors (such as motors, pumps, flow meters, and pressure transmitters) to RTUs and PLCs over standard Ethernet networks or RS485. The TBox RM2 supports Modbus (TCP/IP and RTU) and can be connected to a wide variety of external devices such as radios and fiber optic switches. 

Beijer Distributed IO

The compact and cost-effective S-series IO from Beijer is a perfect choice for applications in many different industrial segments. Get the building blocks for a compact and flexible IO solution with many clever details. Choose from the most popular communication interfaces on the market, from Profibus to Ethernet. The software for configuration and monitoring is powerful and easy-to-use . 

Communications and Connectivity Solutions

Kepware OPC Servers

Kepware Technologies award winning KEPServerEX platform is the industry’s leading connectivity suite that provides a single source of industrial automation data to all of your applications. The platform design allows users to connect, manage, monitor, and control diverse automation devices and software applications through one intuitive user interface. 

XetaWave RF Solutions

Founded in 2010 by RF Industry veterans, XetaWave represents the next generation in Industrial RF Communications. Utilizing a Programmable Radio philosophy, XetaWave offers a unique combination of performance and flexibility not typically found in other RF Solutions.  A single, programmable radio platform that can meet diverse application needs simplifies and reduces the cost of implementation and ongoing management of a wireless communication network. The Xeta Series of radios are designed for applications across multiple industries including oil and gas, water and wastewater, electric power, industrial controls and the military. 

XetaWave INS - Intelligent Network Synchronizer

 The Xeta9-INS offers a migration path from 3rd party legacy ISM technology into next generation, higher performing XetaWave technology. This migration path allows you to take advantage of the increased performance and capability of XetaWave’s new generation Software Defined Radios while leveraging your existing investment in the legacy system during the upgrade process.  This capability enables you to maintain the usage of your legacy network while providing a transitional approach to network upgrades that is virtually non-intrusive to SCADA operations when compared to a “rip and replace” upgrade. 

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