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High Tech Manufacturer's Representative and Distributor

Since 1986 Process Control Dynamics, Inc. has proudly helped thousands of customers implement technologically advanced and cost effective solutions in a wide variety of applications and vertical markets.  We’ve found this long term success by focusing on fundamentally sound, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, manufacturing principals/suppliers, and system integrator partners.  Our open and honest approach allows us to recommend the right solutions for the unique challenges of each application, be it one we may, or may not be able to provide. Our goal is not to just sell a product, but to build a long lasting trusted partnership to help solve current and future challenges you face.   


Industrial Automation and Controls is all we do.

Although we provide solutions for many different vertical markets, our solutions are primarily focused on critical infrastructure systems, including those with significant numbers of distributed assets and Iot/IIoT systems such as:  

  • Municipal and Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment 
  • Municipal and Industrial Water & Wastewater Distribution/Collection
  • Midstream and Upstream Oil & Gas Operations
  • Smart Buildings / Building Control
  • Electric Generation, Distribution and Transmission 
  • Other Utilities and Critical Infrastructure Systems

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